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My name is Cyprine-- I am the fifth of the Witches 5, an ex Death Buster and assistant to Professor Tomoe.

Please, for privacy purposes call me Paris; Paris DuBois.

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A pair and a half —


Now this was more like it. Upon their cab’s arrival they were more than pleased to see that this girl really knew how to enjoy herself. “(And here I thought that this era had no hope of class or sophistication, impressive~)” Achiral praised admiring the outer structure. 

“[Please, Achiral, you cannot just judge the outer layout, it’s inside that really makes the architecture something to be recognized,]” the pale twin fixed the collar of his shirt, “[good thing the place looks as nice as it sounds. We’d look too dressed in some mere eatery joint.]” Chiral wore a black dress shirt, with a white suit vest. His twin wore vice versa. So hard to break such an old habit between brothers. 

They reached the door and the host recognized both of them immediately, they were hard not to and allowed them inside. “[Yes, this is very impressive,]” Chiral finally gave his nod. 

“(And there is going to be a performance, look,)” Achiral put attention to the stage up front.

“Wonderful,” they commented in unison. 

A familiar voice called out to them and there was their blue haired maiden, no words were spoken as they weaved through tables and people to get to her. “(Cyprine, it’s a pleasure.)”

“[Good choice,]” he complimented her choice of establishment, “[it’s good to know someone that has more knowlage of this city.]”



“(And classy)”

“Thank you for allowing us to accompany you,” they grinned as they sat down.

The server came up a little after they were seated asking what they wanted, after a brief look over at their drinks they both ordered some Italian white wine. “(So tell us, Cyprine, any big projects you’re working on?)”

“[Anything new going on?]”

"Thank you," Cyprine said with a slight curtsy and a proud smile— she appeared to be happy, not annoyed like the last time they all got together. As the waiter approached she ordered herself a chardonnay and turned her attention to the Burlesque virgins. "I assume you two have never been to a place like this, hm? Well there is usually at least one singing and dance number, then they usually switch to wordless comedy. The acts are usually pretty entertaining." Cyprine sipped her chardonnay and glanced towards the stage, "The last time I went to one of these… I saw a man spit his drink out and almost choke to death because he was paying too much attention to the show, and not enough anywhere else." She gave a playful shrug and glanced back towards the twins, "So be careful, won’t you?"

Due to it being a weekend, the place was packed— but not so packed that one could not move, and there was no delay in the ebb of alcohol, so Cyprine was more than pleased with this excursion.

"Project?" The blue witch sighed, "Nothing noteworthy," she admitted with a shake of her head and another sip from her drink. She held the glass in her palm, the stem hanging between her middle and ring fingers. Instead of looking at them, she looked at the band, who sat idly playing stagnant notes to the left of the stage. Almost no one came for the band, and they knew that all too well. What good is music where there are half-exposed women on the stage? "I took a bit of a hiatus from work while I visited Paris," she inwardly chuckled. "Professor Tomoe has been busy, and the rest of the witches 5 have been MIA. I haven’t even seen Kaolinite and she’s usually the professor’s "lap dog." I always thought she was a bitch," laughed Cyprine who then shifted the subject at a fifteen degree angle. "I did some photoshoots though— I do part-time modeling." Another shrug. Another sip of chardonnay.

And with that, the show began.



Floral underbust


Floral underbust

A pair and a half —


A few days ago these antisocial twins felt very talkative, must’ve been the usual nothingness eating away at them. Grudgingly they had to accept that the prospect of seeing their “madam” was unlikely. The possibility sprung up when knowing that Rubeus was still around, but she never came up.

Anyways, back to the deal with being more…inviting. A few days ago on their usual walks for personal studying they came across that blue haired twin, Cyprine. Of course the brothers recognized this poor soul (anyone with such an obnoxious and unclassy ‘family’ member had to be suffering a good amount of the time). Their last get together as a double date ended up nothing more than disastrous. Chiral was still very annoyed when even mentioning the thought of that red twin.

This time there would be no pessimistic sister to damper the mood. Just them and her, that’s what they agreed on.  

“(Chiral, do you know what happened to my communicator?)” they only had a few more seconds before they had to leave their modest living space. Knowing this the tan twin sped up his search, teleporting here and there around the apartment. 

The pale twin had already put his own communicator in it’s proper place, “[Did you check the kitchen counter, Achiral?]” He spoke as he nonchalantly watched his other half popping in and out of a rift. 

“(Found it,)” he held up his finding and again teleported back to his brother’s side.

“[Good, you know it’s very rude to keep a lady waiting,]” Chiral grinned.

“(Of course, now that I have this we know exactly where we’re going,)” Achiral mirrored his twin’s grin and lead them out the door, Chiral locking the door behind him in a seamless matter. They had left early so they could make their way to The Cabaret in a timely matter. 

Cyprine was beginning to feel a bit like Rapunzel, the maiden of children’s fairy stories. Her hair now tumbled down to about her waist— it was as if the sky had been fabricated and woven into a braid that curved around her shoulder and complimented a pair of sapphire lagoons, which were showcased upon high cheekbones. To compliment her voluptuous curves, she wore a silken black tunic dress with gold embroidery, a gold belt, and a pair of golden pumps— a new outfit she’d purchased while in France. Although she wasn’t especially materialistic, she did adore couture. And what better to wear to a Cabaret? She wore a silver cross to balance with all the gold, and a pair of dangling silver hoops through her ears. On her way out she grabbed her purse and hailed a taxi-cab, giving them the directions before she sat back to wait.

The ride didn’t take long ( thank God ) and she arrived no more than ten minutes later— apparently traffic had not been bad, either. Cyprine was thankful that she didn’t have to drive— Tokyo was a far too compact city.

Although the entrance fee was a bit pricy, the French woman knew she was paying for the atmosphere— and in the spirit of having a night out, she paid for the twins as well, and had the doorman write down their names, as well as a few vague descriptions so they would not be charged at the door. After which, she found a table between the stage and bar in which to sit. Cyprine ordered herself a pomegranate martini and watched the dancers set up— she’d gotten there a little early, so the entertainment had yet to begin.

Not twenty minutes later, two familiar figures conjured in the threshold, illuminated by candlelight. Cabarets tended to be dark— not to mention the red and gold lights were focused on the stage, highlighting the silver and gold outfits the dancers wore. The blue witch stood up and waved them over, ”Chiral! Achiral!” she called, her cherry-red lips curved into a smile. “Over here!”

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